Posted by: VoiceinRecovery | June 27, 2010

Weekly Voices & Gratitude’s 6.27.10

This week I have decided to share people voices and gratitude’s. I have decided to at first keep these anonymous, mainly because on Twitter, a lot of people are anonymous, and may have blocked profiles, and feel more comfortable protecting the identity of the people. Going forward I may ask people if it’s ok to share with their twitter handles,  but wanted to try this first and see if people enjoyed hearing people’s voices and gratitude’s. Every night on Twitter I ask what people are grateful for and love the responses I have received. I would LOVE feedback on this!

Voices: How people used their voices this week:

I used my voice to talk today. to tell part of my story, & to ask for help


I used my voice this week by talking to FIL about something he said that bothered me, worried about nothing.

This week I have used my voice to share the joy in my experiences, even the painful ones.

I used my #voice to compromise

To tell my husband he has a sexy bald head

I have to say, I love that I’m writing again. Poetry was something I def lost 2 my eating disorder; I WANT my voice back. I know I had lost it in a big way

I’ve been using it to improve on the silence around me.

I used my voice today by telling a friend that judgment is OK-that it’s our right to discern & not just “accept what is”  

I sent love to my twitterfamily

I’m taking a break today. I’m staying home, making my own meals, doing laundry, taking care of stuff, and of me. #TodayIChoose  self care

Said the “BIG NO”

I need more than just being inpatient and then out. This isn’t working and I know I need something more

I used 2 worry if I shared my struggles it’d affect career/grad school/future. But 4 me being a voice was more important (This one is from ME!!!)

Gratitude’s: What people were grateful for this week:

I am #grateful that I stepped outside of my “safe zone” to have an outing with my family today.

I’m grateful for EVERYONE at iop, this week was KILLER and AMAZING. For writing and reading it out loud & finding voice

#grateful for colored pencils, pens, books waterproof mascara

I am grateful for the love in my heart.

My daughter! ❤ Of course

Been journaling 3 things I’m #grateful for every night thanks to @VoiceinRecovery 1. My hubs humor 2. Sunshine in SD 2. My strong muscles

I am grateful for strangers’ capacity to be kinder than I expect. I am always blown away by nice new people!

Yoga and how it’s changed my life in less than 2 months.

Grateful for The Recovery Group online, for local meetings, for *you*, for feelings not flash floods of emotion, for the steps, for service

Summer weather, the container store, my pugs!

Mine are whipped cream, loving kitties, uncertainty, and time alone

Grateful for waking up to hubby each morning

I’m grateful for that awful 24 hour stretch last Monday-Tuesday, which taught me that it is possible to have a bad day and be okay

Today’s Grateful list: work I enjoy, yummy meals, quiet nights in, LOVE, sunny days, following my dreams!

I’m grateful for learning that being grateful fosters love & forgiveness

Grateful for the gift of desperation I had to make me find my hp (higher power)    

I’m grateful for my dog. I’m grateful to be employed. I’m grateful to have wonderful friends

Sobriety and honesty.

I’m so grateful that I live in a place with lots and lots of meetings

How have you used your voice this week??? What are you grateful for???


  1. This was very moving, Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. that I am learning what I actually need and being able to find the courage to talk down the voices that have held me back for so long.

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