Posted by: VoiceinRecovery | July 6, 2010


I wrote this poem Sunday, September 16, 2007

When illusions fade and fantasies subside

Peaceful breezes as the moments fade

How did reality become better than the fantasy?

How did I not see this coming?

I question everything that comes my way

Never knowing I deserve what riches come my way

Trying to stay present in the moment

Staying where I am and not looking aside

Wandering eyes in moments of peace

Why tempt with fate when reality is enough

Why doubt who you are

When who you are is enough

I know not how it happened

Why I am happy and content with another

Why do I have to ask why?

Why not just be.

I choose to let go

To let it take me on the ride

Be present and in the moment

Allow myself for once to feel


  1. beautiful poem,
    love the ocean view.

    • That is the ocean in Oceanside Cali. I took it 🙂

  2. I write poems as well. I really like this one! Thanks for the post.

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