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What are you Proud of?

Last week I asked :

What are you proud of yourself for??? In the last month, week, day. Brag about you!!!! I would LOVE for you to share!

I received SO MANY wonderful responses I wanted to share some of the hope & inspiration on my blog for all to see the many voices in recovery.

Anonymous “Celebrating 11 years in recovery from anorexia!!”

Devyn Kerr “Month- I have been out of treatment for 2 years and doing fantastic!

Week-I signed a lease to an apartment with my baby for college.

Day- I remembered to breathe (did a lot). :)”

Sarah ‘Say’ Carnahan “I’m well enough to go to D.C. on Sunday!! Just got “clearance” from my RD this evening. :-)”

Anonymous “Maintaining my recovery from anorexia for a year!”

Lucy Roth “I’m proud of myself for eating like 6 crisps today. I’m proud for increasing my calorie intake over the last few days. i’m proud of myself for trying to eat normally instead of obsessively planning everything. i’m proud for going out for a meal with my friends”

Beau מאהב Haim Harang “Stating my needs and setting boundaries. “

Anonymous “I realized yesterday that I haven’t had an eating binge since April 23rd. Coincidentally, that’s the same day that my ex-boyfriend left me and moved out. I joined WW and a gym on April 30th. Congratulations to all the other posters. You’re all wonderful and amazing. =) “

Rebecca Tishman “Kendra!!! this was an amazing idea! I’m loving seeing what people have done and what they are recognizing aboutthemselves. everyone is truly amazing!!!

I’d love to write something about all of these – and danielle-you go girl! I’m amazed at your abilities. And I’m proud of myself for being able to go on a road trip with my sister for a week and not let my eating disorder drive the car for us”

Anonymous “I am proud of myself for keeping all of my appointments this week instead of giving in to my nervousness. I am proud of myself for completing treatment. I am proud of myself for doing what I need to do to take care of myself.”

Anonymous “since treatment over 6months ago…ive maintained my weight….though its very hard”

Lauren Diana Dunbar “going to IOP, learning new things, applying them bit by bit, being honest”

Anonymous Congratulations to you all, wonderful  testimonies. I proud of myself for contacting a IOP program this week during my vacation and starting the process of recovery. “

Jennifer White I am proud of myself for continuing to use my REMUDA skills to stay strong and healthy!”

Anonymous I’m proud of myself for not cutting in about 2 years. I’m proud of myself for regaining good eating habits. I’m proud of myself for apologizing when I have a manic moment, rather than feeling like everyones out to get me. I’m proud for trying to keep my obsessive thoughts at bay so ican get back into my art. I’m proud for cleaning up our campsite last weekend and making a food run for friends — and myself! I’m proud that right now I know to put thoughts behind me and enjoy what good things fall into my lap, as well as earned victories. I’m proud for being a leader. I’m proud for the love I give as we well as take. I’m thankful for my life and my pride.”

Dianne M. Daniels I am sitting here with tears in my eyes…so PROUD of all of you for fighting for a healthier, happier life. I don’t know you, I’ve never met you, yet I feel SO DARN PROUD of you all! Big cyber (((((hugs))))) for you all! Keep up the great work!”

Anonymous Thank You Dianne! It hasn’t been easy, but I keep fighting for myself but even more for my son! He needs his mommy!”

Beau מאהב Haim HarangI am okay with posting and saying more! 22 Years of Anorexia and Bulimia is exhausting thanks to the drive and the treatment at Rosewood.”

Anonymous i am proud of myself for letting go of the power the ed had over me. I am proud that i am eating better. I am proud that i am more alive and able to be a better parent and role model for my kids :)”

Andrea Owen OMG. Where do I start? Here: Proud that I totally kick ass. And that my ED head RARELY even tries to talk to me anymore because I’ve pretty much told her to fuck off. Proud that for the first time I love who I really am. Not trying to be someone else, not trying to look like someone else. I’m me. And I rock. “

Kelly McCollum SanderI am proud of the fact that I held my daughter accountable for her ED behaviour creeping back. Proud of her that she tried harder and ate one of her “fear foods” today. Proud that she cares enough to try a little harder today.”

Jenn Sternecker “I’m proud of myself for reaching out when urges are really high. I’m so grateful for my mentor who makes this task much easier to do”

Anonymous “I’m proud of myself for entering recovery after 17 years, picking back up after slips, and considering MYself over ED. I am also proud of the fact that I have been able to express myself more using my voice. “

Sarah Ann Henderson “I’m really proud of the article I wrote that VIR was kind enough to post. It’s been posted a few other places and reached a lot of people. Exciting!”

Kara Pfeil Verbsky “Im proud that I am six months into recovery from Anorexia. I am a million miles from the person I was last year. I am a better mom, wife and person for having gone through this. I am proud that I can quiet ED’s voice and tell him to shut it. I am a rock star!!!!!”

Jennifer C Delage 1-year Sobriety!! THAT is what I’m proud of for myself for right now!! Thank YOU for the encouragement, kid. Much loved and appreciated! ♥ 🙂 xoxo”

All of these have me so humbled, teary & inspired. I absolutely adore you all! I want to thank you for sharing your voice & all these wonderful things. It gives hope to others. I will be posting a blog on these. I want people to see how amazing all you Recovery Warriors are. YOU are all a VIR!!!! You create & make what ViR is all about. Hugs & loves. I’m grateful for you all.

What are you PROUD of? What have you done that deserves brag time about you?


  1. For doing so well in my recovery. For my ability to stay strong and keep fighting, even during times when I felt like giving up. For learning to love and accept myself. And for learning how to truly live and love life again.

    • LOVE that Kiersten!!! Good for you! Keep on fighting and using your voice.

    • This is one of my favorites! 🙂

  2. I am proud that after 47 years of not knowing how to be angry, I am learning 🙂

    • Yah!!!!! I think it can be so hard and such a tough emotion at times. I get SO angry at times and am still learning how to express it. It is often an emotion people dont want to admit to sharing, but its a feeling like all others, and its important to recognize and approach.

  3. I am proud that I made the first call to get specialized, professional help. I will not let my night eating syndrome ruin my days any longer. Your blog has helped me greatly recently, so I thank you.

  4. I am proud of myself, just because I am.

  5. I am proud of myself for choosing recovery. I am proud of myself for trying my best to have a positive body image. I am proud of myself for doing pilates to make myself feel good. I am proud of myself for being more outgoing. I am proud of myself when I try new foods, especially fear foods.

  6. I am proud that even though I am a people-pleaser, I know deep down, I do have to and want to accept myself and accept my higher power’s unconditional love. -mb

  7. For realizing that I am not really hungry and that I am just lonely… And not bingeing to make myself feel better

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