Posted by: VoiceinRecovery | August 6, 2010

The Little Things Matter

Where am I right now? What is going on in my head? I decided today to write stream of consciousness to see what would come up. I think for some reason I am not thoroughly processing the move. I have less than three weeks to the move, have a lot of packing and cleaning to do and still am working full time through it all. I even will be working on the road trip back to Cali. For those who may not be aware, we will be moving from Boston back to California. I am a procrastinator, in action. I rely on the end stress to give me the push. I am not a planner, not a list person, and as much as I have learned in my life, I still have to have a lot of motivation to plan ahead accordingly.

I have lived in Boston for two years. It has certainly been an adventure. I have learned about myself, become a grown up, creating Voice in Recovery, made so many friends in social media, and established myself in a job I excel at. Two years is a blip on the radar in my life and yet so much has happened. I have learned to listen to my body, found a part of my body I had lost through pilates, and learned to juggle a full time job, full time advocacy, mentoring, and incorporate self care as well. I am really proud of all I have done while in Boston. I honestly think the move to Boston helped push my life forward in ways I could never imagine.

I am realizing how important it is to brag about US! I think we need to recognize, honor, and share our successes as well as our struggles. I want to look back at the last two years with kindness, for as much a struggle it has been, I have learned, grown, and demonstrated I am capable of living my life and not crumbling.

Here is a mini brag list:

I go to pilates at least three times a week, because I love it, it provides me sanity in my daily life.

I have come to realize the importance of my personal relationships, and have acknowledged I need time off social media on the weekends to be present, showing them the love and care I think is important to share.

I have remained sober

I mentor two lovely people in recovery from an eating disorder, and as much as I am in a role to mentor them, I believe they have taught me more about myself, about recovery, and life

I have made connections with a diverse range on people on Facebook, Twitter, through E-mails, G-chats, and thoroughly believe they are some of the most honest, open, inspiring people I have ever met in my life

I have been patient with myself when I am sad, angry, numb, dissociated

I consistently fight the “SHOULD” monster, not letting it define or shape my actions

I reach out to others when I need to vent

I haven’t self harmed in a LONG time

When I am emotionally eating, I practice patience, and love, and walk away without allowing guilt feelings to enter in as negative self talk

When angry, or upset, I have learned it is as important to say “I’m sorry” as it is to work on changing the behavior in the future. That actions speak louder than words


I can honestly say I LOVE myself

Remember – the little things COUNT! The little things MATTER!

Loving and accepting ALL of our journey is important. That means learning lessons, and even if we slip and fall, being able to stand up, ask for help, and move forward.

Brag about you; take time to recognize all the parts along the journey. Loving ourselves mean loving all of ourselves, from the snippy person frustrated with being woken up too early, to the sad person who wants to curl back in bed, to the confused person who doesn’t know which fork in the road to take.

It means ALL of who we are. What parts of you are you pushing away, hiding, trying to ignore? Maybe take a moment to recognize, and listen to that voice, show a little kindness and compassion to it. Accept that it is only one part of yourself, and welcome its insight into your day. Shut off the voice saying you should be this, or that, stop listening to the media, stop buying those magazines, start listening to your authentic voice and listen. And remember to brag about all the mini successes in your day!

Today – Brag about YOU!

Today – Make the Little things COUNT!

Today – Accept yourself!

Today – Start to Love yourself!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog. Bragging about myself is really hard for me. I’m afraid to say something that I’m proud of for fear that it will slip away. However, reading your list really encourages me to start logging those things I’m proud of. Even if I do slip up sometime, that does not take away the progress I’ve made. A few of my things this today are:

    I haven’t self injured since early March.
    I’ve eaten 100% of my meal plan all week.
    I really connected with my body at pilates this week.
    I have been honest with people around me this week.
    I have reached out for support when needed.

  2. This is just what I needed to read today!

  3. Great post! I love how you shared the little things that turn into big things in your life. I also have a special place in my heart for Pilates. Finding my “core” (both physically and spiritually) gave me the strength I needed to fight for my life. Such a little thing that has turned into something much more than I could ever have imagined. Because I had experienced such a transformation, I chose to share it with others creating a faith-based Pilates ministry. Anyone interested should check out my blog! I would love to share more with everyone. Thank you, again, for such a consistent positive “voice” in recovery!

  4. Very cool post… you have good reason to brag! Great blog!

  5. Ooo, where are you moving to in CA? That’s kinda cool, cos I live in Central CA. 😀

  6. Once again, fantastic post. I’m really enjoying reading your blog and am so glad to have found you/it! You are truly an inspiration and have every reason to brag. Bragging has definitely gotten a bad wrap, so I’m glad you’re bringing it back in style!

    In that vein, I’m going to brag that I allowed myself to not run today in order to be able to go to a picnic and enjoy all kinds of delicious foods, as well as lovely conversation. It was wonderful and a big step out of my “comfort zone”!

  7. Kendra, fantastic post! Your posts are always so inspiring! Thank you for that. 🙂

    I also love Pilates and it’s helped me tremendously to reconnect with my body. A few things I’m proud of:

    – I’m way more secure in who I am now than I ever was.

    – I practice intuitive eating, and love it. I really try to tune into my body and respond the best I can.

    – I’ve started to respect my body so much more, and become grateful for it.

    – I really enjoy what I do. 🙂

    Congrats on your brag list! You’re an amazing woman and advocate, and I’m happy that you’re in such a good place!

  8. This is a really good post! I enjoyed reading it and it made me think about a few things, including bragging.

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