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When I started tweeting on Twitter I had NO idea what I was doing. Once I figured out what a hashtag was, I felt I had found my groove. Hashtags are wonderful in social media because they allow words, phrases to be found again and again by browsing or searching. I find these especially useful for new people to find people with common experiences, and allows them to find a community they can relate to. When I started saying my nightly gratefuls about a year ago, I decided to use #RecoveryWarriors. I knew it would take time to catch on, but in time it has become a very used hashtag, for which I am so excited.



  • The act, process, duration, or an instance of recovering.
  • A return to a normal condition.
  • Something gained or restored in recovering.
  • The act of obtaining usable substances from unusable sources.


  • A person engaged or experienced in warfare
  • A person engaged in some struggle or conflict

I liked this warrior word, because often in recovery it is about fighting, choosing to fight. It is a struggle, and honestly it is hard. I also liked that the definition included those experiencED in past tense, because that means it includes those currently struggling and those who are also strong in recovery or consider themselves recovered.

This is a community, with a common goal, pro-recovery.

I want to let anyone new to my blog, to consider joining Twitter, and if a part of Twitter, using the hashtag #RecoveryWarriors to help find common people who are also in recovery. I find the sense of community to be vast on Twitter. I have met some of the most amazing, inspiring, hopeful, and loving people. They are real, honest, and share their lives on a daily basis. For those new in recovery, please come visit us, please reach out to us, and become a part of our community. I know it can be hard to find support, but on Twitter there are many people who have been there, and are in various stages of recovery. I welcome you to our world.

What I have personally gained/learned from this community:

  • I find I can be safe to share ALL of who I am, my struggles, my successes, all with support, love, and acceptance
  • There is a lot of respect to where people are in their own journey
  • We all are learning
  • We understand this is about progress and not perfection
  • We are accepting
  • We are open to accepting new people into the community: always welcoming

I know there are MANY people on Twitter, and not everyone is going to be safe for an individual. I recognize and am mindful that I feel the #RecoveryWarriors GREATEST strength is to provide support, not advice. I believe most people know there is a place for professionals, and there is a place for us. Most understand and recognize the difference. If you have a treatment team in place, and are looking for support, please come find us, or find me and I will introduce you to others!!!

Below are a few of us at #NEDA10 – all of whom I met because of a relationship started on Twitter!!! I love all of them dearly. We are real people, in recovery, and seeking to de-stigmatize and bring awareness to eating disorders. We would LOVE to meet and make sure you feel supported on your journey.


  1. Awww, I FRICKING ❤ You and I FRICKING ❤ #recoverywarriors !!!

  2. I will be here more often and twitter. I am finally at that point of surrender and trying to learn to ask for help….time to deal with the food issues now…those go beyond the ACA, Alanon, and co-dependency. Layers right?!

    Thank you for you!

  3. Yay. Thank you for including me in this fab post and again, was such a great thrill to meet you. I knew it would be!

  4. I SO wish I was there! xo

  5. Yay #recoverywarriors!

  6. Being part of this community has become hugely important for me, not just for all the brilliant reasons that your post mentions, but because it fundamentally challenges where the eating disorder positionned me and encourages the kinds of things that it spent so long undermining: trust, honesty, openness and friendships.

    All the recovery warriors (both here and on Twitter and as NEDA/b-eat supporters and in numerous other places) are doing amazing things – and it has been an honour to be involved in this movement. xx

  7. I havent gotten into Twitter to much! I love the idea of recovery warrior though! I love that you have found a support group through online resources!! wonderful, see technology does have some upsides!!

    Dana xo

  8. I love your idea of Recovery Warriors. I came here from Twitter.

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