Posted by: VoiceinRecovery | October 25, 2010

Days 2-4: Baths, Target and Chuck E Cheese

I didn’t blog on Days 2-3 because I was actually challenging myself to practice self-care by NOT writing a blog. That was a challenge. My voice was saying “You have to post daily, this is a 21 days challenge, and that means you MUST post daily.” Wow that voice really needed to be muted, and so I took two days to find actual self-care.

Day 2: Bath Time

I was struggling with a migraine, and decided to listen to my body and take a bath. There was nothing fancy about this bath, just warm water, smelly body wash, and quiet. I am not a huge bath lover. I love the act of running the water, or sitting in the warmth, of breathing deeply, but within a minute I immediately get bored, feel the need to do something, I am done, yadadadada. Well I told myself: “You will lay here for ten minutes, you will shave your legs, you will relax, and but outside cares out of your brain.” So I did. And it was nice. I still had a migraine, so I was proactive, took a pill and put an icepack on my head as I laid in what we call our man chair (even though it has become MY chair). Within 15 minutes the meds kicked in, the icepack calmed some neural fires in my brain, and I felt better. Go me on listening, respecting, and taking care of ME.

Day 3: Target

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Target. It is my favorite place for retail therapy while getting actual shopping for the house done as well. Multi tasking at its best. I love going by myself, because I can wander around in circles that make no sense, take as much time as I want, and price check the entire way around the store. I find Target calming in that if I need something, I can usually find it. For example, this day I found: a cooling pad for my Mac to be able to sit on my wood table, a cheap wireless mouse, a cheap mousepad, a purple glow stick that works for 200+ hours (I just like the color purple, no real reason I needed it – oh and it has a whistle as well). I also found 2 Lego kits for the 5-year-old birthday I was going to the next day. On top of toilet paper, paper towels, a trashcan for the bathroom, and cleaning supplies, it was super productive. I do know that these Target trips cannot happen on a weekly basis. There is something similar to Costco in Target, I go in for one thing and leave with $200 of who knows what. But for me, this was self-care in alone time, in buying some things I had wanted, buying presents, and overall just getting out of the house and people watching fun.

Day 4: Chuck E Cheese

I know what many of you are thinking – that you hate CEC. Well I admit I was not nearly as excited, until I walked in, found the parents and watched the kids. I think the adults (men in particular) were the most hilarious and having the best time. It is similar to the Dave and Busters environment with kids allowed, and no booze being around. I had a blast! We all had our eyes on one kid at a time and for me these kids are my family. My sister-in-law’s sister and her daughter and son, and mother, were there. I have known them since I was 11 years old. My cousin and his wife and 4-year-old (to be 5 soon) I have watched grow up since very early in her life. Her birth introduced my cousin to me, our family had a complicated past.. I LOVE my cousin’s wife. She is a Scorpio, and her daughter (I guess my second cousin) is a fireball Scorpio so I constantly have to say to her mom – wow you are getting what you gave. My next door neighbor and his 5-year-old son were there. The birthday boy himself my mom has been a daycare/nanny to since he was a few months old. In fact, he and my second cousin have grown up together, learned to potty train together, walk, and are best friends, and so cute together. Not all people there were my blood, but for me, they are all my family.

After living in Boston for two years, I realize the move back to Cali was more about being close to my family. These people are the most important people in my life. They have seen me in my good, bad, ugly, and in recovery. They are proud and supportive of me, and this huge interconnected network I call my family is the ultimate best self-care. They feed me, nourish me, and give me an outlet. I can call my mom and share how I am struggling, I can drive 45 minutes to get out of my house, have some centering time with them, or a distraction from other stressors.

We are all complicated, fun, loud, opinionated, and some may call us crazy people. I am OK and love that. My family, for good and bad, are priceless. We would ALL support one another through ANY struggle one is going through. We pull together, reach out, give support, stay in contact, and love each-other. For that I am grateful and blessed to have as a self-care option whenever I need it.

I also started the day out by curling my hair with a new curling iron from Target.

And ended the day by taking pictures of my dogs in their Halloween hats!



How have you been practicing self care???? Remember, you don’t have to commit to a huge large scale challenge. I know life is busy, but I think try for small things, baby steps, and take 5 minutes today to make YOU a priority.


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  2. you are DOMINATING the realm of self care. i’m so proud!!

    and i love yoru hair curled, it has such gorgeous volume 🙂

    • I am TRYING! Thank you so much for your support & thanks on the hair compliment! Using a new volume conditioner 🙂

  3. I have been eating at least one full meal a day and sticking to healthy foods (mostly). This is day three that I have had the dinner I wanted without worrying about the potential bloating of fat cells. Well, okay, I have worried. But it didn’t stop me from eating the full meal.

    These meals have all been take-out. I hope to make my own healthy meals and also feel like I deserve three of them (or several small ones) in a day. I can’t afford so many days of take out food, but these past days have been really rough and I allowed myself the meals I was craving most. It felt great!

  4. Self-care is so important, yet too many women let it go to the way-side all too often. I am currently working with an online vehicle for women called SheTaxi. Part of our focus is on Sheness and Selfhood and we call self-care ‘SheTime’. Simply taking time for yourself amongst the crazy jam-packed life we live in is more important than we realize.
    Your post is so timely, we have a podcast coming out tomorrow on SheTime, where our Team Taxi members share their ways of taking part in self-care and why it is important to take the extra 5 minutes for yourself. We’d love if you checked it out and gave us your insight as you travel your journey!

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