Posted by: VoiceinRecovery | January 1, 2011

2011 Goals

I don’t do resolutions, mainly because I find them promoted in the media as restrictions, or changes to our body, who we are, and don’t address long-term plans. Mainly I do not find the idea of making unrealistic expectations on ourselves as positive. I like to find the positives in what I do, and like to make goals and plans. I love mini goals, intentions, and planning. I am a big picture type of gal who loves to see where I have come from, live in the moment, plan BIG and work hard towards goals. So this is a list, both filled with huge goals, and mini daily intentions. Because I need both to keep inspired, motivated, and hopeful.


  • Quiet the Should Monster
  • Blog more regularly
  • Accept myself and my needs
  • Forgive myself for mistakes made
  • Practice kindness towards those I love
  • Work on emotional regulation
  • Make nutrition, exercise, and health a focus in daily life
  • Reach out to those who support me when I need help or guidance
  • Stop putting so much pressure on myself to do everything
  • Get new tattoos (yes more than 1!)
  • Be nice to me, my body, my spirit
  • Take more photography classes
  • Make jewelry
  • Find a pilates studio

Personal Empowerment, Motivation, Inspiration & Hope:

  • Provide inspiration, hope, and support to #RecoveryWarriors
  • Continue to grow as a mentor
  • Seek personal empowerment
  • Find motivation in all I do
  • Flexibility in ALL areas of life
  • Create vision boards when I need inspiration or guidance
  • Focus on chakra balances
  • Take classes of interest, on ANY topic because learning is a priority in my life
  • Read more books
  • Get more sleep
  • Take more breaks from social media


  • Set up ViR as a business
  • Set up ViR website
  • Create logo for ViR
  • Begin to create products for ViR
  • Enroll in Life Coaching classes
  • Start speaking engagements for ViR
  • Start a book
  • Create ViR support groups, whether in chat, on twitter, or in person
  • Entrepreneurship – lots of thoughts on this. More to come…

Ten 2011 ViR Hopes for the New Year for ViR #RecoveryWarriors, Carers, and Supporters:

  • LOVE & ACCEPT who you are; Be true to YOU; Embrace your individual BEAUTY

  • Honor your body, mind in spirit – eat well, exercise, read more, sleep more, and breathe through it all!

  • Find motivation, inspiration, and hope in all you do

  • Write down and express your gratitudes

  • Set daily intentions

  • Never give up on your dreams! No goal/dream/passion is too big to ask the Universe for guidance!

  • Be patient with progress! All progress, not matter how small matters! No slip will erase the progress you have made, get back up and start walking

  • Seek balance and moderation – life is about balance & living, not restriction

  • Quiet your inner Should Monster, inner tyrant, ED voice who says you aren’t enough, don’t deserve a full life, and empower your inner ROCKSTAR!!

  • Set Time for FUN!


  1. You inspire ‘me 🙂

    • Thank you hun!!!

  2. Your goals for the year are beautiful reminders that living a healed life starts with compassion for ourselves.

    • Absolutely!!!! Priority is self love, forgiveness and healing 🙂

  3. I agree with Michele A healed life starts with compassion and each step each movement reinforces that first step of being worth it~

  4. Great post, Kendra. I think you’re an inspiration to so many. Happy new year!

    • Thank you Katie!

  5. Wow that is an impressive list of things you want to achieve. I am like you in that I don’t do New Year’s resolution. My old one was always to lose weight and reach my target. Today I write down one thing I would like to change in each area of my life. I put it away and look at it a year later. The amazing thing is that I tend to have achieved them all by the next year.

    My recovery is about making one change at a time. Once that change has been made then I make the next and so on.


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